Please Fill In Your Answers

1. Give a short description and a picture of your character.

She is sweet and friendly but can be quite nosy. She is a bookish and fun-loving girl. She loves to study and hang with friends, She is very quiet at times.

2. Give a brief history of your character. She was born to Bethany and Henry Thomspon. Bethany being a pure blooded witch and Henry also being pure blooded. She was born in North Daktota and was raised on a simple farm out in the cournty. Her childhood was hardworking and well deversed. Bethany taught Martail Arts so at the age 5 she was being taught Karater and Kung-Fu, she is currently a black belt in Karate and in Kung-Fu.  But besides that. She got her letter when all of her elterontic went hayware, when she was 11 years old, she immedately got her saying she must come here. She is currrently 15 years old.

3. What's the blood status of your character. Pure blood

4. Does your character have a strong suit in a certain topic? Potions

5. Describe your character's martial status. single and looking

6. What profession will your character look into? (Salem Institute of Magic, Quidditch Player/Referee/Commentator, Shop Owner, Wandmaker, Broomstick Maker, Curse-Breaker, Author, Journalist, Magical Historian, Healer, Inventor, Herbologist, Potioneer, Magizoologist, Wizarding Naturalist)

7. Please leave your signature under here.

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